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Andrea Dolges

Executive Director, CFYCD

Community Mobilizer- Collaborating for Youth


Teresa Arias

Administrative Assistant

Familias Fuertes Program Coordinator

ext. 104

Stephanie Diaz-Rico

Prevention Assistant

Griseydi Castaneda

Hispanic Community Coordinator

ext. 103

Heather Charlesworth

Strengthening Families Program 10-14 Coordinator

ext. 201







Kim Hannon

21st CCLC Program Director

ext. 108


Lisa Lindsey

Data & Prevention Specialist

ext. 109

Meghan Riordan

Community Impact Coordinator


Samiah Slusser

Associate Director/Strategic Prevention Framework Project Director

ext. 204

Nate Sterner

Director of Youth Prevention and Strategic Innovation Initiatives 

ext. 102

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