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Board & Partner Directory

Collaborating for Youth Board & Agencies

Megan Cellucci, Community Member

Mary Victoria Charisse, Adams County Children & Youth Services

Eric Chase, Children's Aid Society

Mark Durgin, PA System of Care Partnership

Andrea Dolges, Center for Youth & Community Development

Yeimi Gagliardi, Wellspan

Kathy Gaskin, Health Adams County

Linda Gorter

Nathan Hockley, Community Member

Paul Kellett, Community Member

Sharron Michels, Community Member

Elida Murray, Adams County Children's Advocacy Center

Candice Reagan, Community Member

Melissa Rosenberger, Community Member

Garrett Trout, True North Wellness Services

Center for Youth & Community Development Board

Mark Durgin- Board Chair / President

Nathan Hockley-  Board Chair / Vice President and Chairperson CFY Coalition

Eric Chase-  Treasurer

Rafael Alejandro Del Rio - Member

Matthew Sheads - Member

Garrett Trout-  Member

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