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​Since 2009, members of the CFY Youth Coalition have been partnering with communities to create a healthy, drug-free Adams County.  As the 'youth arm' of Collaborating For Youth, these youth from different school districts have:  

Some Youth Coalition members choose to complete their high  school graduation projects or community service hours through their CFY Youth Coalition activities, while other youth become interested in joining the Youth Coalition after completing projects or service hours within the larger collaborative. 


Most of our coalition members choose to attend the annual CFY Youth Coalition Leadership Camp that is held for one week each summer. 

All Youth Coalition members have a wide variety of opportunities to enhance their leadership skills through local, state, and national training and activities.



  Why is it important to have youth voices be heard on youth issues, like fighting substance abuse?

     It gives us the chance to inform adults of what's really going on. 

         -Hannah, Conewago Valley School District

      We can tell our friends: drugs aren't cool. 

         -Garrison, Upper Adams School District

Adult Mentors Help Guide Youth

Of course, the CFY Youth Coalition cannot do all these fun things without the help of caring adults who share personal experiences and help guide youth through activities and learning processes. 


Adult Mentor opportunities are available for the annual leadership camp and year-round. 


Visit our photo albums page to see more of our fun activities!

To find out how you can become a Youth Coalition member

or Adult Mentor, please contact

Griseydi Castaneda - Or Lyric Gallagher  -

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