Positive Messaging

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What is a Positive Messaging Campaign?

A positive message is a message that is displayed to the public about a topic in a positive way! Generally the message is meant to influence the way the viewer thinks or behaves. The message may include credible data from reputable sources that demonstrate a positive norm. For instance, 81% of youth surveyed reported not drinking alcohol in the last 30 days.  Not only do studies show that people pay more attention to positive messages regarding healthy behavior, but are more likely to adopt the positive behavior themselves.

It's important to send messages about healthy behaviors, especially regarding mental health and or substance abuse. That's why the CFY Youth Coalition does a Positive Messaging Campaign each year at their respective schools across Adams County. It's important not only for their own healthy development, but for their peers who see or hear these messages. 

Teens are the adults of tomorrow, let's listen to what they have to say!

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"What Happens To You, Matters To Us"


As Youth Leaders in the school and community, we care about you! Tell us your healthy, positive goals for the future!

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Our goal for the future is to keep building resiliency and engaging community members!


Our goal is to continue living a substance free lifestyle while serving our community.


Our goal for the future is to keep helping the non-profits in the community.


Our goal is to continue encouraging the community to safely dispose of unwanted medications.


Our goal for the future is to keep being resilient and help the community "bounce back".


Our goal for the future is to keep reminding others the consequences of underage drinking.

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Our goal for the future is to keep volunteering!

Past Positive Messaging Campaigns