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SPF - Evaluation

Step #4:  Evaluation

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In the SPF, evaluation is about enhancing prevention practice. It is the systematic collection and analysis of information about prevention activities to reduce uncertainty, improve effectiveness, and facilitate decision-making.

The evaluation step helps communities to:
  • ŠŠ Systematically document and describe prevention activities.
  • Meet the diverse information needs of prevention stakeholders, including funders.
  • Continuously improve prevention programs and practices.
  • Demonstrate the impact of a prevention program or practice on substance misuse and related
       behavioral health problems.
  • Identify which elements of a comprehensive prevention plan are working well.
  • Build credibility and support for effective prevention programming in the community.
       Advance the field of prevention by increasing the knowledge base about what works and what
      does not.

Information on the Strategic Prevention Framework provided by:

SAMHSA - Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.  2019.  "A Guide to SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework"

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