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We have a need for support for all of our children from those who can give. Due to gaps in funding and delays in contracting with the state, summer services for our children remain unfunded. While we continue to champion the cause of our children, we know this need will not be filled in time by grant dollars. We are asking all of you and a group of committed impact supporters to help SAVE OUR SUMMER!


Why this is important:

  • The news of a funding gap is delayed and has a detrimental impact. Families did not have time to budget or plan for the costs associated with summer care.

  • Our programs are more than childcare. They prevent academic back slide for our children.

  • The average cost of a week of summer camp / programming in Adams County is $200-$300 per child, per week. This isn’t affordable to many families.

  • Safety matters! This isn’t a “back in my day” situation. Times have changed and we know that supervision and positive interactions help keep our children safe and supported in an ever-changing world.

  • We have an extensive gap in childcare services and available seats in Adams County. The available seats cannot fill this need.

What Summer Programs Do:


  • Serve 300 + children over summer months

  • At Local Parks over 6 weeks per program

  • Social and Character Education Lessons

  • Health / Fitness / Nutrition

  • Ecology / Environmental Education / STEM

  • Assurance that children have healthy meals and summer nutrition

  • Family and Caregiver support and connections to services

  • Arts / Dance / Music in the park

  • Yoga and Mindfulness

  • Much, Much More!

How you can help:


  • Give. Give as you can and how you can.  

  • Use the donation link on this page ("Donate Here") or share it with grandparents, supporters of children you know, and those who can help.  

  • Give of your talents. Are you interested in sharing a skill, craft, trade, or knowledge through project based learning? Contact us at to lend a hand and we can help you with clearances and other items needed to participate. 

  • If your corporation or you would like to discuss sponsorship or larger participation in our Community Impact Collaborative and Circle of Children’s Support, reach out to Meghan Riordan at

We know that in Adams County, all of our children matter. The mission and vision of Collaborating For Youth for over 22 years in Adams County has supported the notion that Adams County is a great place to grow up healthy and prepared for life. We feel assured that together for youth we can all: Save Our Summer!

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